Celebrations and Religion in Switzerland
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Catholicism (43.6% of the population) and Protestantism (50.4%) have left their mark on Swiss society and continue to do so today. Even if Christian values are turning less and less to ecclesiastic institutions as a means of expression, Churches and the Christian perspective remain a stabilizing factor of the society. At the same time, there is a more pronounced tendency towards individual interpretation of religion, and the interest in new forms of religion and spirituality is growing.

Many see in the Swiss work ethic, their reserved nature and realist outlook, an influence of Protestant values with the stamp of Calvinism. If economic thought has its foundations in Protestantism, then it is perhaps the Catholic tradition that gave the Swiss character its strong ties to the land and its love for rural traditions and ritual festivities. The year passes by to the rhythm of the holidays. Here are some examples of Switzerland’s most famous.

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