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Welcome to the largest Switzerland tourist guide on the Internet. Published in collaboration with Rough Guides, it contains over 700 pages of detailed information about visiting Switzerland.

 Lake Geneva
 The arc jurassien

 Bernese Oberland

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Photo Gallery
More than 200 high quality photos of Switzerland.

Maps of Switzerland
52 detailed maps of Switzerland.

Travel basics
All the basic information you need to travel to Switzerland, Hotel, costs, the food,... 

Information about the religions, the climate, the languages in Switzerland, the Swiss flag,...

A list of the museums in Switzerland. 

Flash map 
Interactive map of top attractions in Switzerland
The Italian-speaking canton of Ticino occupies the balmy, lake-laced southern foothills of the Alps. The famously sunny skies draw in fog-bound Milanese for a breath of air. Everybody loves the Ticino. The place is simply irresistible...>>>

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