The Neuchatel Wine Festival
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Vines have been cultivated on the Neuchatel hillsides for over ten centuries now, so it comes as no surprise that the people of Neuchatel celebrate its harvest with a colorful wine festival. And celebration it is! From Friday to Sunday, day and night, stands and refreshment booths jampack the squares and streets of the city center, serving food and drink for the thousands of spectators who come to unwind and admire the parades and decorations. The children’s procession takes place on Saturday afternoon, followed by a parade of local or guest marching bands in the evening.

The highlight of the festival is the big Sunday afternoon parade. Local businesses sponsor countless carnival floats that are decorated with flowers and parade through the streets of the city, united by a common theme. To the beat of the brass bands, and accompanied by groups in costume, this procession is keeping tradition alive as it recalls the stream of wine-grower’s wagons passing through the town after the harvest, decorated and adorned with garlands, and loaded with all their work tools.

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