Travel insurance in Switzerland : British and Irish cover
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Most travel agents and tour operators will offer you insurance when you book your flight or holiday, and some will insist you take it. The government has acted to ban packages which compel you to take out travel agents’ own policies, but agents may get round this by offering it “free” – you should be wary of this “special offer” since the quality of cover may not be so good. As ever, you should check the small print: if you feel the insurance is inadequate, or if you want to shop around, any travel agent, insurance broker or bank should be able to give you advice and a quote. If you have a good “all risks” home insurance policy it may well cover your possessions against loss or theft even when overseas, or you can extend cover through your household contents insurer. Many private medical schemes also cover you when abroad – make sure you know the procedure and the helpline number.

In Britain, travel insurance starts from around £26 a month for Europe. Good-value policies are issued by Usit Campus and STA Travel, and by the travel insurance companies listed in the box opposite. Some insurance companies refuse to cover travellers over 65, or stop at 69 or 74 years of age, and most charge hefty premiums. The best policies for older travellers, with no upper age limit, are offered by Age Concern (01883/346964). Worldwide sets no upper age limit on single trips in Europe.

In Ireland, travel insurance is best obtained through a travel specialist such as Usit NOW. Their policies cost IR£23 for 6–10 days in Europe (£29 for one month). Discounts are offered to students of any age and anyone under 35.

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