Can I bring my family with me?
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If you are a Swiss resident, your children below 18 and your spouse can come and live with you.

Now and then we receive questions for specific family members:

Girlfriend or boyfriend
Swiss cantons do not recognize unmarried couples when it comes to residence permits. More ...

Gay partner
The same as for straight girlfriends or boyfriends apply. Please note that a humanitarian permit could be applied for although we have no knowledge of one being given on such grounds

Parents and grandparents
Unless you do have a EU passport, there is no automatic right for parents or grand parents of Swiss residents to become Swiss residents themselves. A special permit could be applied for your parents if you can prove that they would have all their cost of living covered in Switzerland (for example by their living with you).

Grown up children
Only chilren below 18 have an automatic right to live with you if you are a Swiss resident. For some countries (Italy, Portugal and Spain) the age limit is 20. Children above this age must apply for a separate permit based on what they plan to do in Switzerland (i.e. study, work, etc...). They normally are given a preferential treatment but they don't get a permit automatically.

Nannies, maitre d', etc...
Very hard. They should apply for a work permit and you need to show that no local workforce was able to fill the role. To you your nanny might be irreplacable but for the administration if a Swiss nanny can be found she should have the job.

Please note that if you have a EU passport there are less restrictions.

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