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Artists (87)
Writer (37)
Music star (26)
Movie star (13)
Painter (5)
Philosopher (4)
Dancer (2)
Nastassja Kinski (1961 - )Germany

Daughter of actor Klaus Kinski, this beautiful German actress fell in love with Geneva. In 1986, Nastassja Kinski arrived in the city of Calvin by chance. She was enraptured by the city at the tip of >>>

Rich people (39)
Businessman (29)
Heir (5)
Shipping tycoon (5)
Daniel Hechter (1938 - )Lebanon

The inventor of ready-to-wear has lived in Geneva since 1997. Daniel Hechter was born into a modest family in 1938, in Paris. At the age of four, he was forced to flee the capital with his mot >>>

Leaders (34)
Politician (14)
King (10)
Religious leader (3)
Revolutionary (3)
Despot (2)
President (2)
Ibn Abdu Aziz Fahd (1923 - )Saudi Arabia

Born in 1923 in Ryadh, Ibn Abdu Aziz Fahd is the eldest son of the founder of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Sa'ud, and his sixth wife. The king comes for long stays to Geneva, a city he particularl >>>

Sport stars (17)
F1 driver (6)
Tennisman (6)
Sport star (5)
Michael Schumacher (1969 - )Germany

The three-time Formula 1 champion has been living in Switzerland since 1996. Michael Schumacher was born in 1969 in Hürth, near Cologne. By the age of four, he was already making himself known on the >>>

Scientists (11)
Scientist (11)
Elisee Reclus (1830 - 1907)France

Geographer Elisée Reclus lived over over 22 years in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva. Born in 1830, he initially went to the Protestant College in Montauban before studying geography under Ca >>>

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