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Artistas (87)
Escritor (37)
Estrella de música (26)
Estrella de cine (13)
Pintor (5)
Filósofo (4)
Bailarín (2)
David Bowie (1947 - )UK

In 1982, the English pop star moved to upper Lausanne in Switzerland to find a haven of stability and fade into anonymity. He purchased an early twentieth-century residence called the Château du Signa >>>


Gente adinerada (39)
Empresario (29)
Heredero (5)
Armador (5)
- BrenninkmeijerThe Netherlands

The kings of textile and owners of the chain C&A live in Switzerland. The great saga of C&A began in the Netherlands in the nineteenth century, when the Brenninkmeijer family sold linen and textiles. >>>


Líderes (34)
Político (14)
Rey (10)
Líder religioso (3)
Revolucionario (3)
Déspota (2)
Presidente (2)
Sadruddin Aga Khan (1933 - )India

The Indian prince lives in the chic suburb of Geneva. Born in 1933 in Paris, Sadruddin Aga Khan is the son of Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III of the Indian royal family. Prince Sadruddin studie >>>


Estrellas deportivas (17)
Corredor F1 (6)
Tenista (6)
Estrella deportiva (5)
Guy Forget (1965 - )France

Born in 1965 in Casablanca, Morocco, the French tennis player currently lives in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Tennis is a family passion: his grandfather and his father had already participated in several >>>


Científicos (11)
Científico (11)
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc (1814 - 1879)France

Viollet-le-Duc was one of the finest 19th century connaisseur of Medieval architecture. Born in Paris, he helped transform many older buildings such as cathedrals all over France and the city of Carca >>>


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