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Trotski, Leon (1879-1940) Россия
Русский революционер

Turner, Tina (1939-) USA
The American singer has lived in Zurich since 1986, on the Goldkuste, the most fashionable district of the Swiss economic capital. Born Anna M

Canetti, Elias (1905-1994) Bulgaria
The jewish-spanish writer studied in Zurich for 5 years. In 1981 he received the Litterature Nobel Prize.

Einstein, Albert (1879-1955) Германия
Эйнштейн учился в Арау и Цюрихе с 1902 по 1912 г. В 1914 г. он вернулся в Германию из которой эмигрировал в 1933 г. в США, опасаясь преследований со с

Esterhazy-Ottrubay, Melinda (1921-) Hungary
The Austrian-Hungarian princess, one of the largest landholders in Austria, has lived in Zurich since the death of her husband.

Joyce, James (1882-1941) Ирландия
Всемирно известный ирландский писатель переехал из Парижа в Швейцарию с началом войны и умер в Цюрихе в 1941 г.

Kaas, Patricia (1966-) France
The French singer who has sold over 10 million albums has lived in Zurich since December 2000. Born in Forbach in 1966, Patricia Kaas is the youngest

Mann, Thomas (1875-1955) Germany
The German author and Nobel Prize winner lived in Switzerland for 8 years. Thomas Mann, born in 1875, came from old Lübeck patrician stock. After

Tzara, Tristan (1896-1963) Romania
The Dada writer spent years in Zurich, helping to create this artistic movement. Later he joined the french Resistance with his surrealist friends in

Albert Einstein
(1879 - 1955) Germany
Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Wurtemberg, Germany and died on April 18, 1955 in Princeton, NJ, USA. Albert Einstein contributed more than any other scientist to the modern vision of physical reality. His theory of relativity is widely recognized for its revolutionary and dramatic impact in the world of science and mankind. It was developed when Einstein lived in Switzerland. Incidentally, Einstein held dual citizenships from the US and Switzerland. Einstein was awarded the >>>

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