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Creating a company in Switzerland is a process that requires several steps. Some are tedious and will cause you to waste precious time. Others call for the skills of a local expert. We can offer assistance each step of the way in function with your needs. Benefiting from our experience in setting up foreign businesses gives you the added   advantage of having to deal with only one representative throughout the entire process.

  1. Choosing a canton and the initial planning stages
    Swiss cantons are very different in terms of language, culture and taxation. Major factors such as the proximity of airports and highways aside, there are many subtle distinctions that make the comparison of different areas in Switzerland indispensable before choosing to there. We can draw up a multi-criteria analysis grid to help you choose an optimal location for your business.
  2. Residence permit applications
    In practice, the residence permit is the crucial element when relocating to Switzerland. We are in daily contact with the administrative services concerned and can thus ensure optimal processing of work permit applications at the cantonal and federal levels. If we feel that your case has a good chance of being accepted, we will submit the application upon reception of your personal documents. Generally speaking, permits take around three months to process.
  3. Incorporating a Swiss company
    You can wait until you obtain the residence permit before incorporating a Swiss company. You have the choice of forming a business corporation (100,000 Swiss francs of registered capital, of which 50,000 francs must be released at the time of the incorporation) or a limited liability company (20,000 Swiss francs of registered capital). Once we have checked that the company name is free, and the articles of incorporation, the administrators and the incorporators have been chosen, and the capital has been deposited, the company can generally be incorporated in less than two weeks.
  4. Negotiating tax arrangements
    You can obtain a number of tax exemptions in Switzerland, either as a base company (no activity in Switzerland), a service company (headquarters) or simply as a newly formed company. These exemptions can reduce the already modest tax burden in Switzerland to extremely attractive levels. We can negotiate these arrangements with the tax authorities to help you make the most of this unparalleled tax environment.
  5. Finding staff
    In Switzerland, like elsewhere, qualified personnel is extremely valuable. The overall level of the work force is very high, but with an unemployment rate at around 2%, finding the people you need can take some time. We are in constant contact with the Swiss job market and can help you find the specialists, laborers or secretaries you need as efficiently as possible.
  6. Locating commercial, administrative or industrial premises
    Let us know what you need and we will present you with all the available premises on the market that match your criteria. We look for premises for clients on a daily basis and have excellent relations with the local realty companies and agencies. What is more, a lot of property in Switzerland is not on the market and is accessible only by knowledge network – so why not take advantage of ours! Finally, we will be by your side during the negotiation of the business lease to make sure you obtain the best conditions with regard to the market place and general practices in Switzerland.
  7. Getting your office up and running
    Once you have your premises, there are still a number of things to deal with before you can begin to work: telephone lines, fax, photocopiers, computers, furniture, Internet connections, cleaning services, etc. We can save you precious time by giving you the benefit of our experience to find the best suppliers and service providers for the best price.
  8. Personal affairs
    As the head of a business, you would no doubt rather concentrate on developing your new company than spend time running about after apartments, schools, cars, telephones, etc. Let us handle things, and that way you can get to work without delay.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about how to transplant your company to Switzerland and how Mic heloud & Cie can facilitate the transition for you.

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