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Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene (1814 - 1879) France / ScientistLausanne / VD
Viollet-le-DucViollet-le-Duc was one of the finest 19th century connaisseur of Medieval architecture. Born in Paris, he helped transform many older buildings such as cathedrals all over France and the city of Carcassone. He died in Lausanne, after having spent several years there. His stay is remembered by a plate in front of the beautiful Scottish church he had built there.

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The Architectural Theory of Viollet-Le-Duc : Readings and Commentary
 These readings carefully selected from the entire range of Viollet-le-Duc's work make available the historical insights and practical principles of one of the most imaginative and inspiring architectural theorists of the modern era. Amazon.com ($24,00)
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The Foundation of Architecture : Selections from the Dictionnaire Raisonne
 For the first time, the four most important essays have been collected and translated into English. These essays treat the history of French architecture, the principles of construction, the relationship between style and architecture, and the art of restoration. Amazon.com ($14,95)
Amazon.co.uk (?10,38)
Annals of a Fortress
In prose, Viollet-le-Duc recreates the life of a French castle from its obscure origins to its fate in the Franco-Prussian War. As an architect and experienced military engineer Viollet-le-Duc was uniquely placed to write on the history of fortifications. Amazon.com ($15,96)
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