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Cars in Switzerland
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Naturally, a lot of questions come to mind when planning a move to Switzerland. Can I import my car? Wouldn't it be better to buy a car in Switzerland? How do I register my vehicle? Is my driving license valid? What about insurance? This guide will answer all these questions for you in detail.

Buying a car
How do I go about buying a car in Switzerland? What is the standard cost of buying and owning a car? Who do I contact for the best prices?
Can I import my car to Switzerland? What are the rules and procedures that need to be followed? How much does it cost?
What are the different types of car insurance offered in Switzerland and what do they cover?
Registering a vehicle
How do I register my vehicle? What conditions apply? What procedures do I follow and at what price?
Highway code
Learn all about the Swiss highway code and the various parking options.
Driving license
Is my driving license valid in Switzerland? Can you learn how to drive in Switzerland?

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