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Swiss residency
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Switzerland offers some of the best living standards in the world - our specialty is to help you become a Swiss resident. We offer a one-stop solution for people who wish to retire in Switzerland or live off their investments or foreign-earned income. Our specialty - obtaining Swiss residency for people of independent means. Benefit from some of the best quality of life in the world, unmatched political and fiscal stability and royal medical care in a postcard-picturesque location right in the center of Europe. And don't forget we are specialists of lump-sum taxation, a system whereby you pay a flat tax every year, no matter how much you earn, and you are no longer required to report your assets or income.

Swiss residence permits
All you always wanted to know about becoming a Swiss resident but were afraid to ask.
  • Who can become a Swiss resident?
  • How much money do you need?
  • How much easier is it if you come from a EU country?
  • How can Micheloud & Cie help me?
  • How much will it cost me in taxes?

Practical relocation issues
Such as : House search service, Cars, Pets, Wine cellar, Works of art, Firearms.

Background information about Switzerland:
Tourist guide, Climate, Security, Cost of living, Religions

About Micheloud & Co.
Our head office For over 35 years, the Micheloud family has been offering its services to people who wish to settle in Switzerland. Micheloud & Co. is a consulting firm with offices in Geneva, Lausanne and Sion in Switzerland. We have clients in over 100 countries. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. If you fit the criteria to benefit from Swiss residency, we'll sit down and discuss how we could help you move to Switzerland and answer your initial questions. .

Celebrities in Switzerland
Tina Turner
Over 160 celebrities who live in Switzerland

Client testimonials
Read their stories
Micheloud & Co.'s clients tell how they used our services to settle in Switzerland...

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