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Swiss Banking Antiques
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No visit of a Swiss bank is complete without seeing the safe deposit vault. There, in the holy of holies, behind the succession of anonymous doors, is the raison d'être of the Swiss bank: security, preservation of wealth for later generations and above all, secrecy. Often our clients have asked if they could acquire one of these beautiful bank boxes in which people have secured their most precious and secret possessions for centuries. But these cult objects never exited their sanctuary.

Thanks to our contacts in the Swiss banking world, we have been able in 2005 to secure exclusive rights to one of the most beautiful safe deposit vault in Switzerland, when a century-old Swiss bank moved premises. Included in this vault was the entire safe deposit vault created by Fichet in 1912 for the Swiss Federal Bank.

These cult objects, pieces of Swiss banking history, have been restored one by one by Swiss artisans and are now available for purchase on

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