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If you want to work as unskilled employees in Switzerland
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Many foreigners with no special schooling do work in Switzerland in unskilled or moderately skilled jobs, for example as waiters in restaurants, workers in construction sites, etc... Most of the people who can get work permits for this type of unskilled positions come from the so called latin countries in Europe, Portugal, Spain and southern Italy. Actually, the policy of Switzerland is to open the doors for people coming from such traditional immigration countries first, and let others come only if there are vacancies. (This is different for highly skilled jobs like computer science or finance). The best way to get a permit to work in Switzerland as an employee in an unskilled position if you come from traditional immigration countries is to come to Switzerland and look for a job. Once you get a job offer, the boss will get the permit for you or even can have a permit ready. We know this is a restrictive policy, it is not our policy but that of the government and we have to comply. As we have no experience in the unskilled job market, we do not offer any assistance in this field. Also, we don't know of any agency or firm that you can contact in order to find a job here, sorry. Thank you for your interest in Switzerland, and good luck for your emigration project !

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