Quality has its Price in Switzerland
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Although you won’t find prices for Swiss export goods cheap, they will almost always reflect the highest quality available anywhere in the world and may be a bargain after all. For example, many radio journalists across the world use Kudelski Nagra (Swiss) recorders. Although expensive, the investment generally pays off many times over in service after many decades of continuous use.

Another example is the Swiss P210 handgun made by SIG, which is literally carved out of a metal block to ensure maximum durability. The result was an expensive but extremely reliable gun. Discontinued, it is now a prized collector’s item but other SIG guns are so reliable, that they are used by police forces all over the world, including many US police departments.

If you want to approach the Swiss export market correctly, your motto should be “We are not rich enough for cheap goods” (since buying cheap goods will mean that you’ll have to buy them again every time they break down.) With the strength of their currency and the high labor costs, Swiss entrepreneurs have long understood that they cannot be competitive on the low end of the market. They have chosen to concentrate on products and services of high quality and to offer the best in class.

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