Joking With the Swiss
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The educated Swiss are very witty and often deliberately say things that have many meanings. Their humor is very intellectual and should at least make you smile. It is a sort of rite of initiation. If you are able to understand it and answer intelligently, the Swiss will consider you one of their own. You should certainly not be offended by these battles of wit or pretend not to have understood. It is in your best interest to respond with a humorous line of the same genre. This tit-for-tat response will not only flatter the person with whom you are talking, but will also show that you appreciate their sort of subtleties and demonstrate that you have a good understanding of things and do not need to have them explained to you. 

The Swiss appreciate being able to say things without explaining them. If the Swiss feel that you are on the same wave length they will not hesitate to imply certain more serious information that they would not have been able, out of modesty, to tell you directly. Discreetly continue to show that you follow their train of thought and they will open themselves up willingly. On the other hand, outbursts of laughter are not recommended. In fact, over-emotionalism is considered a sign of weakness. Try to avoid being too publicly affectionate. Never shout or speak loudly.

The Swiss will always wait to be near you to greet you. Only the young or the impolite wave or shout at each other from far away.

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