Cantonal Holidays in Switzerland
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Individual cantons recognize a wide range of local holidays to honor saints or to commemorate a battle. They are too numerous to list, but here are some non-working days valid for most Catholic cantons:

Corpus Christi (Fronleichnam/fête Dieu/Corpus Domini) : 60 days after Easter Sunday.

Assumption Day (Maria Himmelfahrt/Assomption/ Assunzione): Not to be mistaken for the Ascension, which is when Jesus goes to Heaven. This time it is his mother the Holy Mary who goes.

All Saints Day (Allerheiligen/La Toussaint/Ognissanti): November the first, also known as “The day of the Dead.”

Immaculate Conception (Maria unb. Empfängnis/ Immaculée Conception/Immacolata Concezione): December the 8th.

As an example of the rich diversity of Swiss cantonal customs, here is a typical cantonal feast celebrated in one canton only: L’escalade (The climbing): Every year on December the 12th, the Genevans celebrate their victory against the Savoy invaders who attacked their city the night of December the 12th, 1602. The heroic and ultimately successful defense of the city included such highlights as the Mère Royaume pouring hot soup over soldiers climbing the city walls. People gather in the streets dressed up like their ancestors, offering soup and hot wine, and children are offered small and sometimes big chocolate caldrons filled with candies to commemorate the soup that saved the city.

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