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Alain Delon
Over 165 celebrities who have chosen to live in Switzerland.
Why Switzerland?
Low taxes
No war since 1515
At the heart of Europe
Political stability
Health care system
Quality of life
Who can retire to Switzerland?
If you or your spouse has a EU passport, we can get you Swiss residency as a person of independent means whatever your age if you satisfy the following conditions:
  • Have a EU passport (Click if you do not)
  • Have an annual income of over 60,000 CHF (equivalent to $54,000 or EUR 41,000 or £38,000) from investments, dividend, interest, pensions, rental income or your business outside Switzerland
  • Live in Switzerland for at least 180 days (some exceptions possible if in good faith)
  • There is no age limit for this type of permit anymore. It can thus apply to so called "young retiree" who can be younger than 55 years old and keep a residual activity outside Switzerland.
  • Not sure if you qualify ? Contact us

What benefits does a Swiss residence permit give you?

  • You can live in Switzerland with your wife and children
  • Buy Swiss real estate without restrictions 
  • Change location within Switzerland without restrictions
  • Benefit from the best medical care in the world
  • Enjoy one of the highest quality of life in the world
  • Be located only an hour from London, Paris or Milan
  • Pay low personal taxes or benefit from lump-sum taxation (see below)

Swiss Lump Sum Taxation
Take advantage of Swiss lump-sum taxation and pay only a yearly flat tax based on your house and not have to report your full assets or income.

  • If you are not Swiss, do not work nor have worked in Switzerland during the past 10 years, we can obtain a tax ruling in your favor exempting you from normal taxes in Switzerland. You will pay only a flat yearly tax.
  • Immutable - every year you pay the same amount of tax (indexed for inflation)
  • Confidential - you are not required to report your full assets or income. Even if you have investments in a Swiss bank, as a Swiss lump-sum resident, such investments are not taxable and you have no obligation to report them anywhere.
  • Simple - gone are the 50 page tax returns, complex tax-planning structures or shaky offshore loopholes. You enter into a written agreement with the Swiss tax authorities, signed by both parties, and mutually agree on the amount of tax you'll pay from now on.
  • Flexible - you can now decide how to invest your money without worrying about future tax implications. If at some point you want to give up lump-sum taxation, you are free at any time to choose the regular Swiss tax system.
  • Peace of mind - we can often obtain a tax ruling before you come to Switzerland so you'll know exactly how much you will pay in taxes before moving. In a sense, this is like a rental agreement which you would sign before moving into your new home - Switzerland.
  • Please consider that the minimum annual tax is at least 50,000 CHF for this tax system. Or you can of course choose instead to pay income tax as a percentage of your taxable income.
  • More about lump-sum with examples...

What services does your company offer?
Our company offers you a one-stop solution for your retirement in Switzerland. We make the whole process hassle-free - just tell us what you need and we'll get it.

  • Application for residence permits to the municipal, cantonal and federal authorities
  • We take care of all Swiss taxes
  • Help with selecting the area that best matches your needs
  • Home search (buying and renting, both houses and appartments)
  • Assistance in import your personal items, works of art, cars, pets or wine cellar
  • We can set up all Swiss insurances (medical, house, car, etc...)
  • Personnalized assistance for electricity, telephone, Internet access, a satellite dish, etc...
Who is Micheloud & Co.?

The Micheloud family has been helping their clients move to Switzerland for over 35 years. We work on the basis of fixed fees payable according to the progress made. These fees are reasonable and only depend on the work to be done, not on how wealthy you are. (More about us ...). Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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