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  • Domaine de Divonne (La Terrasse) StarStarStarStarStar
    A stone throw from Geneva, this wonderful park overlooking the French resort Divonne contains many surprises. Don't miss the excellent restaurant La Terrasse, where you will find an unmatched service with a neverending succession of excellent dishes. The cheese selection is world famous.
  • Le Cygne and Tse Yang StarStarStar
    The Hilton in Geneva offers two excellent restaurants. Le Cygne, with its overlooking view of the lake, and the world famous chinese restaurant Tse Yang which ranks, aficionados told us, among the best outside China.
  • Restaurant around CERN
    Phycisists are people of taste, and good food is sometimes food for thought. One of them compiled a commented list of restaurants around the CERN, the biggest nuclear physics laboratory in the world, located in Geneva. Well worth a visit if you live in the area.

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