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Switzerland is one of the world's most attractive locations for creating and developing a business, providing a liberal and extremely competitive environment. Proof of this is the fact that Switzerland always scores high when countries are ranked according to their economic appeal. Here are the main reasons why.

Location, communications and infrastructures

Switzerland is located at the heart of Europe. It is a vital communications hub for industrial Europe with a modern and extremely reliable infrastructure. Switzerland is one of the front runners in terms of new technology and, despite everything, the realty prices remain relatively competitive.

Perfectly integrated within the international transport system

Extremely dense national communication network

Exemplary public infrastructures

On the cutting edge of new technology
High quality housing inventory at affordable prices


A very buoyant and competitive economic environment

Overall, the Swiss economy is highly successful, providing your business with an extremely stimulating growth environment. Switzerland's economy is very open onto the world, giving the country valued experience in international business transactions. Your business will also benefit from one of the most effective banking systems, founded on a strong currency and relatively low interest rates.

Stable currency and low interest rates



By setting up business in Switzerland, you'll find a labor market featuring the following advantages:

Reasonable level of salaries and moderate social security taxes

Multilingual employees who are comfortable in a multicultural environment


Outstanding training system

The Swiss economy specializes in products with high added value. Swiss know-how is handed down to new generations by renowned specialists working within an impressive education system.

Brainpower: the basic Swiss material

Excellent education system

The greatest number of Nobel Prize winners per capita


No strikes and reasonable laws

The Swiss have made work their religion. The love for quality work is at the source of the Swiss made label. Similarly, the labor unions are cooperative and strikes are practically nonexistent.

Strikes are rare and labor unions are cooperative
Swiss work ethic


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