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Are you a businessman or woman who has decided you would like to settle in Switzerland to take advantage of one of the world's most favorable business climates? We can help you!

As in all countries, the Swiss authorities require that you meet several basic conditions in order for you and your family to qualify for the residence permit. In fact, Swiss cantons each receive an annual quota of residence permits and can issue you one if they are convinced that you will contribute to the local economy, especially in terms of job creation.

The conditions can be summed up as follows:

  1. Creation of a Swiss company
    To obtain a residence permit, you need to be hired by a Swiss company. Nothing is stopping you from being the owner of this company at the same time as its manager, as long as the company has real (and, of course, legal) business activity. Please note that you cannot be self-employed or set up a simple "Geoffrey Davis consulting" type of business - you need to create a company.  
  2. Job creation
    This is the main condition required by the authorities. In practice, you will be asked to hire at least one full-time Swiss employee. Please refer to the frequently asked questions that pertain to this subject.
  3. Enough annual profit
    Your company must be able to cover its expenses, including your salary, which must be comparable to a Swiss salary for a similar position. In practice, the gross margin cannot be less than 200,000 CHF before salaries and taxes. This will allow you to pay your Swiss employee and pay yourself a salary as head of the company. Your salary must be the equivalent of what a Swiss managing director would earn in the same type of company.  

We can take care of the entire procedure, and make sure that your relocation to Switzerland is as quick and pleasurable as possible. Find out more about the services we offer.

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