Transplanting a company to Switzerland
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More and more international companies are choosing to transplant all or part of their business to Switzerland in order to draw benefit from the exceptional conditions this country offers to entrepreneurs.

Like in all countries, the federal and cantonal authorities require that you meet a few basic conditions to be eligible for the residence permits allotted to expatriates coming to work in Switzerland. In the case of businesses wishing to relocate several expatriates, the most important factor is the proportion of Swiss workers / expatriate workers in the business. In fact, Swiss cantons each receive an annual quota of residence permits and can grant one to you if the expatriates you wish to move to Switzerland are equipped with skills that cannot be found in the local work force.

These conditions can be summed up as follows:

  1. Expatriate workers must have skills that are difficult to find on the Swiss job market
  2. Reasonable proportion of expatriate / Swiss employees
  3. Expatriate workers must be paid Swiss salaries

In practice, the other stages (creating the company, operating authorizations) do not pose any problems and can be dealt with quickly.

The set-up of your company in Switzerland progresses naturally in several stages. We will be there every step of the way to eliminate any problems of a practical nature and thus allow you to focus your efforts on managing your business.

We can take charge of the entire procedure and make your transition to Switzerland as quick and agreeable as possible. Discover the wide range of services we have to offer...

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