How to obtain political refugee status in Switzerland
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Our company provides services solely to wealthy people wishing to retire in Switzerland or to investors promoting Swiss business development and, as such, we do not offer services relating to political asylum. We do feel, however, that Swiss political asylum granted to people fleeing from persecution is a worthy cause, and have thus decided to devote a section of our site to this issue. You will find the basic information on conditions and procedures for this type of request, along with a contact page to help you obtain the assistance you need.

Swiss asylum policy complies with the international conventions signed in this matter, in particular the 1949 Geneva Conventions. All refugees have the right to protection and it is forbidden to send them back to their country if their lives are threatened.
The definition of the word refugee is fairly restrictive, so as to differentiate between people who are truly fleeing persecution and economic migrants. To justify your request for asylum, you need to prove that, in your State of origin or your last country of residence, you have a serious threat or well-founded fear of being persecuted by reason of your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion. It is considered a serious threat when a person’s life, physical health or freedom is in danger, or when measures that entail unbearable psychological pressure are inflicted. Specific gender-based motives for fleeing are also taken into consideration. We must stress that economic reasons are in no way sufficient grounds for being granted political refugee status.

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