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The greatest concentration of inexpensive hotels is in the Old Town’s Niederdorf district. None is more than ten minutes’ walk from the station, or you could take tram #4 (direction Tiefenbrunnen), from Bahnhofquai: it runs south down Limmatquai, stopping at Central, each of the three river bridges, and Bellevue. For Langstrasse, take tram #13 (direction Frankental) north from Bahnhofquai to Limmatplatz, although be warned that many of the cheap hotels around here double as brothels.


A case of style over substance, with the innovation of desert murals and vaguely Aztec decor accompanied by a distinctly un-Californian brusqueness of service. The sizeable rooms are comfortable nonetheless.
Schifflände 18
Phone : ++41 01/262 40 50
Fax : ++41 01/262 43 67

Goldenes Schwert
Excellent value, with a uniquely easygoing atmosphere. This is the only hotel in Zürich which makes a selling-point of its gay- and lesbian-friendliness. Comfortable rooms are large, bright, individually decorated and inexpensive, but you should insist on the fifth floor to avoid noise from the bars and nightclub. They also have quality apartments for Fr.200 or less.
Marktgasse 14
Phone : ++41 01/266 18 18
Fax : ++41 01/266 18 88
E-mail : hotel@rainbow.ch

Small, super-friendly family-run place, with big, clean rooms that are good value despite the street noise.
Limmatquai 136
Phone : ++41 01/251 30 80
Fax : ++41 01/252 38 70
Web : www.access.ch/hotel-leonhard

Although it’s one of the only cheapies overlooking the river, you’d do well to eschew the noisy river-view rooms for the newer, quieter ones at the back. Front or back, though, you’ll have problems swinging a cat.
Limmatquai 142
Phone : ++41 01/261 42 30
Fax : ++41 01/262 02 17

Basic hotel in a rather dodgy area, but a safe and thoroughly respectable place to rest your head for minimal franc outlay. No en-suite facilities, and you should go for a back room to avoid street noise.
Zähringerstrasse 36
Phone : ++41 01/251 45 50
Fax : ++41 01/251 45 40
E-mail : info@martahaus.ch
Web : www.martahaus.ch

Best in this bracket by miles, relaxed, friendly and great value, with an unconventional clientele of students and artists. Uniquely colourful rooms, all with big, comfy beds, are decked in murals, drapes and plants, ones higher up with lovely rooftop views. Shower and toilet are shared between the three rooms on each floor. A good indication of the mood of the place is that breakfast only happens from 9am (11am weekend). The top-floor apartment, for Fr.180, feels like home.
Oberdorfstrasse 7
Phone : ++41 01/251 22 07
Fax : ++41 01/251 22 75

Gloomy unrenovated small hotel, with no TVs, no en-suite facilities, no decoration and no lift. Quiet, ordinary and honestly cheap. Locked daily 2.30–5am.
Rosengasse 5
Phone : ++41 01/252 58 50
Fax : ++41 01/262 61 40

Homely little place above an award-winning fondue restaurant just off Bellevue. Plain rooms are clean enough and adequate for simple tastes – the breakfast is notably good – and the owner of the place (who also does the fondues) is full of jolly stories and banter.
Kruggasse 4
Phone : ++41 01/251 23 35
Fax : ++41 01/251 23 39

Ordinary cheapie, which has taken some marketing advice and reinvented itself as a “rock hotel”, dubbing their poky and rather depressing rooms the “Bryan Adams” or the “Pink Floyd” in an attempt to attract business. But don’t imagine you’ll get something special for your money: the theming stops at the door.
Marktgasse 17
Phone : ++41 01/261 21 81
Fax : ++41 01/261 21 75
E-mail : rockhotel@bluewin.ch
Web : www.ziczac.ch

Around Langstrasse and west

In the same building as the popular X-tra bar and nightclub, just off the Limmatplatz in a young and trendy part of town. Pricey rooms are small, with postmodern decor and all facilities; the non-en-suite ones are much better value.
Limmatstrasse 118
Phone : ++41 01/448 15 95
Fax : ++41 01/448 15 96

Thoroughly respectable good-value family hotel west of the centre, with spotless rooms and a reputation to uphold. Set in Wiedikon, a neighbourhood with many Jewish residents, it even offers kosher breakfasts. Trams #9 or #14 (direction Triemli) to Goldbrunnenplatz.
Phone : ++41 01/463 74 00
Fax : ++41 01/463 78 13

The least dodgy of Langstrasse’s many dodgy hotels, although the prevalence of over-friendly single women in the hotel bar tells its own story. Nonetheless, the rooms are perfectly fine, clean but smallish, and a good Fr.20–30 cheaper than similar places elsewhere.
Hohlstrasse 18
Phone : ++41 01/298 55 55
Fax : ++41 01/298 56 00

On the honky-tonk Langstrasse. Next-door is a sex cinema and the bar downstairs is a pick-up joint, but if you can overlook that, you can save Fr.30–40 on perfectly adequate en-suite rooms, equipped with all facilities and soundproofed windows.
Sihlhallenstrasse 1
Phone : ++41 01/241 24 51
Fax : ++41 01/291 09 95

Good value in an unromantic location 50m behind the station, with large, pleasantly decorated rooms. Cheaper rooms available in a nearby annexe.
Limmatstrasse 5
Phone : ++41 01/261 21 81
Fax : ++41 01/ 261 21 75
E-mail : walhalla-hotel@bluewin.ch

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