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How much do perch or fera filets cost? What is the price of a salmon steak or the famous "Coeur de filet" (center cut) semi-wild Baliv salmon?



At the Placette de Cornavin in Geneva, perch filets cost 62 CHF/kg.

Swiss fera filets (a salmon-like lakefish) cost 2.95 CHF/100g.

At the Placette de Cornavin in Geneva, salmon steaks from Scotland cost 1.95 CHF/100g. The salmon filet comes to 3.75 CHF/100g.

At the Arcades du Molard in Geneva, the salmon filet sells for 34.90 CHF/kg.

At the Geneva Caviar House, a boutique with an array of gourmet products, the semi-wild Baliv salmon, known as the "coeur de filet" (center cut) and smoked in Switzerland, costs 297 CHF/kg.

At the Geneva Caviar House, the best-selling Osciètre costs 172 CHF for 50g.

50g of the top-of-the-line Beluga caviar comes to 403 CHF.

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