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The cheese counter at Globus (© Micheloud & Cie
How much does milk, cream or butter cost? What is the price of fresh dairy products and cheese?




The Placette de Cornavin sells a liter of milk (whole or drink) for 1.50 CHF, while it costs 1.70 CHF at the Arcades du Molard.

Top-quality Gruyère (one of the best cheeses!) with 45% fat cost 1.25 CHF/100g, on sale when we dropped in at the Placette de Cornavin.

At the Arcades du Molard, Saint-Marcellin costs 4.90 a piece and Roquefort Vieux Berger 40 CHF per kg.

Yogurt and dairy desserts
There is also a full range of fresh dairy products (yogurt and dairy desserts) at the Placette de Cornavin.

You'll find the famous Petit Suisse de Gervais (40% fat) at 4.25 CHF for six 60-g portions, or 1.18 CHF for 100g.

There is also a "light" section featuring such products as four containers of Danone Fitness (0.1% fat) for 2.85 CHF, or 0.57 CHF for 100g.

Ordinary store brand (Manor) caramel yogurt costs 0.65 CHF for 180g.

Butter and cream
125g of Président butter (a well-known French brand) costs 5.45 FF at E. Leclerc in neighboring France and 100g of Floralp brand butter (widespread in Switzerland) comes to 1.60 CHF at the Placette de Cornavin. Margarine costs 1.95 CHF for 199g.

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