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How much does Coca-Cola, San Pelegrino or Iced Tea cost? What is the price of Martini, fendant (Swiss white wine from the Valais region), 16-year-old Lagavullin whiskey or a 1995 Château Mouton Rotschild?

You'll wide a wide variety of wine, spirits and mineral water in Switzerland. The Swiss are true foreign wine lovers and the best vintages are available. But don't hesitate to taste the Swiss wineries, some of which are excellent.

You'll never have trouble finding what you need to quench your thirst in Geneva, be it cocktail hour or dinner time.

Soda and mineral water
At the Placette de Cornavin, a large supermarket in the city center, a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola costs 2.50 CHF, while a liter bottle of San Pelegrino, a popular Italian sparkling mineral water, costs 1.50 CHF. Evian, which is produced on the other side of the lake, was on sale when we dropped in and cost only 1.15 CHF per 1.5-liter bottle. Valser, a good quality Swiss sparkling water, costs only 0.83 CHF per liter, or 1.25 CHF for a 1.5 liter bottle.

Lipton Lemon iced tea (our favorite) costs 1 CHF for a liter carton.

Over 70% of Genevans cross-border shop at least once a week in neighboring France, e.g. in Divonne, Ferney-Voltaire, St-Julien or Annemasse. A number of shopping centers have been set up along the Genevan borders and offer excellent products at low prices.

For example, four bottles of Coca-Cola cost 29.95 FF at the Leclerc center in Ferney.

Wine and spirits
At the Placette de Cornavin, Martini (white or red) costs only 9.95 CHF per liter, while a bottle of ordinary white wine, Fendant Dame de Sion, costs 11.50 CHF (16.43 CHF per liter).

If you're looking for the best, head towards the lower streets by the cathedral, to the Arcades de la Place du Molard. Alongside a few bankers and diplomats, you will find the best wine and spirits at the Arcades du Molard. No soda or mineral water here.

The sommelier will help you pick out what you need with professionalism and precision. A bottle of 16-year-old Lagavullin whiskey costs 62 CHF, and its double-distilled big brother (the double distillation takes place in a sherry barrel, we were explained), at 20 years old is yours for only 99 CHF.

We suggest a 75-cl bottle of Aigle les Murailles at 20.80 CHF for a wine that reflects the Lake Geneva region, and an Arvine les Ruinettes at 15.80 CHF for the Valais region.

For a truly exceptional vintage, you can try a 1995 Château Mouton Rotschild for 389 CHF a bottle (the sommelier told us that the Rotschild family of bankers in Geneva are distant relatives of the owners).

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