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Brienz to: Interlaken Ost (hourly; 15min); Luzern (hourly; 1hr 15min); Meiringen (hourly; 10min).

Château d’Oex to: Gstaad (hourly; 20min); Interlaken West & Ost (hourly; 2hr 15min; change at Zweisimmen & Spiez); Montreux (hourly; 1hr).

Grindelwald to: Interlaken Ost (hourly; 20min); Kleine Scheidegg (every 30min; 35min).

Gstaad to: Château d’Oex (hourly; 20min); Interlaken West & Ost (hourly; 1hr 50min; change at Zweisimmen & Spiez); Montreux (hourly; 1hr 20min).

Interlaken Ost to: Bern (hourly; 50min); Brienz (hourly; 15min); Grindelwald (hourly; 40min); Gstaad (hourly; 1hr 50min; change at Spiez & Zweisimmen); Jungfraujoch (at least hourly; 2hr 30min; change at Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen, and Kleine Scheidegg); Lauterbrunnen (hourly; 20min); Luzern (hourly; 1hr 55min); Meiringen (hourly; 30min); Thun (hourly; 30min); Wilderswil (at least hourly; 5min); Zürich (hourly; 2hr 15min).

Interlaken West to: Bern (hourly; 45min); Gstaad (hourly; 1hr 45min; change at Spiez & Zweisimmen); Thun (hourly; 25min); Zürich (hourly; 2hr 10min).

Kandersteg to: Bern (hourly; 1hr 5min); Brig (hourly; 35min); Interlaken West & Ost (hourly; 50min; change at Spiez); Spiez (hourly; 30min); Thun (hourly; 40min).

Kleine Scheidegg to: Grindelwald (every 30min; 35min); Jungfraujoch (every 30min; 50min); Lauterbrunnen (every 30min; 1hr); Wengen (every 30min; 30min).

Lauterbrunnen to: Interlaken Ost (hourly; 20min); Kleine Scheidegg (every 20min; 45min); Mürren (every 15min; 30min); Wengen (every 20min; 15min).

Meiringen to: Brienz (hourly; 10min); Interlaken Ost (hourly; 30min); Luzern (hourly; 1hr 25min).

Mürren to: Lauterbrunnen (every 15min; 30min).

Spiez to: Bern (twice hourly; 30min); Gstaad (hourly; 1hr 10min; change at Zweisimmen); Interlaken West & Ost (hourly; 20min); Kandersteg (hourly; 30min); Thun (3 hourly; 10min).

Thun to: Bern (twice hourly; 20min); Burgdorf (hourly; 45min); Interlaken West & Ost (hourly; 25min); Spiez (3 hourly; 10min).

Wengen to: Kleine Scheidegg (every 30min; 30min); Lauterbrunnen (every 20min; 15min).


Château d’Oex to: Leysin (3 daily; 1hr 30min; change at Le Sépey).

Grindelwald to: Meiringen (June–Oct hourly; 1hr 35min; change at Schwarzwaldalp).

Gstaad to: Les Diablerets (5 daily; 50min).

Interlaken Ost & West to: Beatushöhlen (hourly; 25min).

Interlaken West to: Wilderswil (every 30min; 10min).

Lauterbrunnen to: Stechelberg (hourly; 20min).

Meiringen to: Göschenen via Sustenpass (July–Sept 2 daily; 1hr 45min); Grindelwald (June–Oct hourly; 1hr 55min; change at Schwarzwaldalp).


(following is a summary of June–Sept summer services; fewer boats run in other months, generally Sat & Sun only if at all)

Brienz to: Interlaken Ost (hourly; 1hr 20min).

Interlaken Ost to: Brienz (hourly; 1hr 20min).

Interlaken West to: Beatushöhlen (6 daily; 30min); Spiez (hourly; 1hr 20min); Thun (hourly; 2hr 5min).

Thun to: Beatushöhlen (5 daily; 1hr 30min); Hilterfingen (hourly; 15min); Interlaken West (hourly; 2hr 5min); Oberhofen (hourly; 20min); Spiez (hourly; 45min).

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