What do you mean exactly by Swiss resident?
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A Swiss resident is somebody whose legal residence is Switzerland. This is a Swiss legal notion that means that an individual has his center of life in Switzerland. One of the consequences is that he becomes a Swiss taxpayer.

You cannot be a Swiss resident by just registering, like you would for example subscribe to a golf club but never go. This means that if you are granted a Swiss residence permit, you need to actually move to Switzerland and live there for good. If you cannot stay for 180 days a year or more, then you must make sure that you do not spend more time in any other specific country than you spend in Switzerland. That rules out residence permits given for people who spend a month a year in Switzerland.

In case of doubt, please contact us to check whether what you want to is compatible with our laws.

Please note that Switzerland does not know the British distinction between resident and domiciled. Here in Switzerland, either you live in Switzerland and you are a taxpayer, or you are neither.

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