How much do your services cost?
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We charge reasonable flat fees for our Swiss residence services.

We believe in a clear and honest fee structure. Here is how we work:

  • We do not charge by the hour
  • We do not charge you just to talk to us
  • We do not charge for initial consultations
  • When we have determined with you what we can do for you, we send you an offer of service that explains what we can do, what we need from you, what we don't do, how long it takes, how much it will cost you and how it is payable. When you decide to go ahead, you transfer an initial portion of our fee and we begin the actual work
  • Our fees depend on what you want us to do, not who you are
  • We charge flat fees that cover the entire work we will perform for you (residence, taxation, relocation, etc...)
  • Our fees are payable according to the progress of the work

We really think we offer great value for your money and we will be glad to introduce you to former clients if you need testimonials.

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