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Our Geneva offices are located right in the middle of the business district.

AddressMicheloud & Co.
Rue du Rhone 14 (Fourth floor)
CH-1024 Geneva
Phone+41 (0) 22 310 09 83 (9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday)
Fax+41 (0) 22 310 11 39


Our Geneva offices are within easy reach from Geneva international airport or by train. Print this page for reference when you come to see us. You can also use an interactive map.

General map of Geneva

Detailed map of Geneva

Yellow   By car from Geneva International Airport
When you exit the airport, take the road toward Geneva Centre. Leave your car at Parking du Mont Blanc.

Green   From the train station
  • In taxi
    When you exit the station from its South side (toward Lake Geneva), take a taxi on Place Cornavin. There's also a taxi station at the Northern entrance. Ask the driver to drop you at 14 rue du rhone and take the elevator to the 4th floor.
  • On foot
    You can reach our offices from the station by foot in less than 12 minutes. It is a nice walk on a level ground with a scenic view. Exit the station from its south side (toward Lake Geneva), using the underground passage. You will get to a lively street called Rue du Mont-Blanc, with a Mc Donald's on your left hand. Take the street until the lake. When you reach the lake, you will see one big bridge on your left (Pont du Mont-Blanc), a small island in front of you (Ile Rousseau) and a smaller, pedestrian-only bridge slightly off on your right side (Pont des Bergues). Take the smaller bridge and cross the Rhone (this bridge joins the Ile Rousseau). When you reach the other side, cross the small square (Place du Rhone) and turn right on the Rue du Rhone. Our offices are at number 14, just off Place de la Petite Fusterie.

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