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Listing all celebrities from UK who live or lived in Switzerland. Click on a name for details.

Bowie, David (1947-) Music star
In 1982, the English pop star moved to upper Lausanne in Switzerland to find a haven of stability and fade into anonymity. He purchased an early twent

Byron, George (1788-1824) Writer
This English poet was the main precursor to the wave of Romanticism in the nineteenth century. Byron loved the Geneva Riviera and set several of his s

Chaplin, Charlie (1889-1977) Movie star
The famous English comedian whose silent movies made the entire world laugh lived for over 25 years in Switzerland. Born in the Kennington district

Chaplin, GeraldineMovie star
The actress daughter of Charlie Chaplin lives in Switzerland

Collins, Phil (1951-) Music star
The English singer has lived in Switzerland since 1994. Born in London in 1951, he performed as an actor-singer in a London production at the age of 1

Coulthard, David (1971-) F1 driver
David Coulthard, le célèbre pilote de F1 est né le 27 Mars 1971 en Ecosse. Il habite actuellement à Villars-sur-Ollon. Déjà champion de Karting à l'â

Coward, Noel (1899-1973) Movie star
The British actor lived in upper Montreux from 1958 until his death. Born in 1899 in the poor London suburb of Teddington, he embarked in the theater

Diana, Lady (1961-1997) King
The Princess of Wales lived for two years in Switzerland, and she returned every year for her winter holidays. Born in 1961 in Sandringham, Diana Spen

Ecclestone, Bernie (1930-) Businessman
The Formula 1 racing tycoon has lived in Gstaad since 1990. Bernie Ecclestone was born in 1930 in Ipswich, England. His father was the captain of a tr

Gibbon, Edward (1737-1794) Writer
Writer and historian of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon was born in England on April 27, 1737 and spent his youth on the banks of Lake Geneva

Greene, Graham (1904-1991) Writer
The British writer and journalist traveled at length for his employer, the Foreign Office, for whom he covered diverse current affairs, particularly d

Harrison, George (1943-2001) Music star
George Harrison, le plus jeune et le plus discret des Beatles a vécu une partie de sa vie, jusqu'à sa mort, en Suisse dans les environs Bellinzone. N

Hepburn, Audrey (1929-1993) Movie star
The English actress lived for over 30 years in Switzerland, in the canton of Vaud. Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels in 1929. Her father

Ludlow, Edmund (1617-1693) Politician
This English politician sought asylum in Switzerland

Mercury, Freddie (1946-1991) Music star
The lead singer of Queen was born Farrokh Bulsara on September 5, 1946 on Zanzibar island. Son of a British diplomat, he spent part of his chi

Moore, Roger (1927-) Movie star
The man who incarnated James Bond has lived in Crans-Montana since the end of his acting career. Roger Moore was born in London in 1927. His father wa

Niven, David (1910-1983) Movie star
The British actor lived near Gstaad, a ski resort in the Bernese Alps. David Niven was born in 1910 in Kirremiuir, Scotland. The fine reputation of hi

Palmer, Robert (1949-) Music star
The English singer has lived in Switzerland since 1987. Born Alan Palmer in 1949 in Batley, Yorkshire, he spent the majority of his youth on the i

Shelley, Mary (1797-1851) Writer
L'auteur de Frankenstein a trouvé l'inspiration sur les rives du lac Léman. Mary Shelley est née le 30 août 1797, d'un père philosophe et écrivain, Wi

Stephen, Leslie (1832-1904) Writer
Writer, mountaineer and father of Virginia Woolf, Sir Leslie Stephen was born into a wealthy, upper class English family. He is known for his many wri

Stewart, Jackie (1939-) F1 driver
The legendary Scottish race car driver lives north of Lake Geneva in the canton of Vaud. Born in 1939, John Young Stewart grew up surrounded by cars s

Taylor, Vince (1939-1991) Music star
The English leather-clad singer lived in Switzerland for eight years, the best of his life. He was born Brian Maurice Holden just weeks before the out

Turner, William (1775-1851) Painter
Le célèbre peintre romantique Joseph Mallord William Turner  est né le 23 avril 1775  à Londres. Il est l'un des premier peintre à

Wordsworth, William (1770-1850) Writer
English poet William Wordsworth was still a student at Cambridge when he developed a passion for the Alps while reading texts by Rousseau. In

Roger Moore
(1927 - ) Movie star
The man who incarnated James Bond has lived in Crans-Montana since the end of his acting career. Roger Moore was born in London in 1927. His father was a police officer. He attended an arts school and landed a few minor roles in the forties. He was studying at the Royal Academy of Drama when he was drafted into the British Army stationed in Germany since the end of the Second World War. In 1953, Roger Moore left for the United States and got a contract with MGM for the TV series Ivanhoe and Mave >>>

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