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Listing all celebrities from Germany who live or lived in Switzerland. Click on a name for details.

Becker, Boris (1967-) Tennisman
The German tennis star lives in Schwyz, in central Switzerland. Born in 1967 in Leimen, Boris Becker began playing tennis at a very young age on a cou

Beisheim, Otto (1924-) Businessman
The German retailing genius, with a fortune estimated at SFR6,000 million, prefers not to have to give away half of his income in taxes.

Benjamin, Walter (1892-1940) Scientist
Came to Switzerland as a political refugee after the fall of the Weimar Republic in Germany. He later moved to Spain where he committed suicide.

Einstein, Albert (1879-1955) Scientist
Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Würtemberg, Germany and died on April 18, 1955 in Princeton, NJ, USA. Albert Einstein contributed m

Hesse, Hermann (1877-1962) Writer
The writer and 1946 litterature Nobel prize was so fond of the Italian-speaking region where he lived that he used it several times as the setting for

Kesten, Hermann (1900-1996) Writer
The writer fled Nazi Germany in 1933 and never returned. He found a safe haven in Switzerland in the city of Basel, which has borders with Germany and

Kinski, Nastassja (1961-) Movie star
Daughter of actor Klaus Kinski, this beautiful German actress fell in love with Geneva. In 1986, Nastassja Kinski arrived in the city of Calvin by cha

Liebherr, Businessman
The owner of the great construction machines manufacturing company, Liebherr lived life to the fullest in Switzerland. Not only did he use the Fribour

Mann, Thomas (1875-1955) Writer
The German author and Nobel Prize winner lived in Switzerland for 8 years. Thomas Mann, born in 1875, came from old Lübeck patrician stock. After

Nestlé, Henri (1814-1890) Businessman
The founder of one of the leading Swiss companies settled in Vevey in 1833. Henri Nestlé was born in 1814 to a rich Frankfurt family. Fleeing t

Nietzsche, Friedrich (1844-1900) Philosopher
Le philosophe allemand a vécu en Suisse dès l'âge de 24 ans. Fredrich Nietzsche est né à Rocken, en Prusse, le 15 octobre 1844. En 1849, son père me

Rilke, Rainer Maria (1875-1926) Writer
One of the most influential writers of German expression in the 20th century, he came in Switzerland in 1919 and soon received Swiss citizenship. He's

Sachs, Gunter (1933-) Businessman
Heir to the Fichtel & Sachs-Werke fortune and ex-husband of French actress, Brigitte Bardot, Günter Sachs is the ultimate billionaire playboy, and a g

Schmit, Helmut (1925-1992) Movie star
The actor came here for family reasons and never went back to highly-taxed Germany

Schumacher, Michael (1969-) F1 driver
The three-time Formula 1 champion has been living in Switzerland since 1996. Michael Schumacher was born in 1969 in Hürth, near Cologne. By the age of

Thyssen-Bornemisza, BaronHeir
Heir to the great Thyssen steel fortune, Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza used a splendid villa on the shores of lake Lugano to display some paintings from hi

Toepffer, Rodolphe (1799-1846) Writer
Son of painter Wolfgang Adam Toepffer (1766-1847), of German origin, who had made of Geneva his second homeland, Rodolph Toepffer was unable to em

Vogt, Carl (1817-1895) Politician
This German Naturalist, born in Griessen in 1817, was obliged to leave his country several times, and always for political reasons. Accordingly, he

Wagner, Richard (1813-1883) Music star
He came to Switzerland in 1866 to escape the political pressure of Bavaria. People there were highly critical of his influence on the young king. The

Nastassja Kinski
(1961 - ) Movie star
Daughter of actor Klaus Kinski, this beautiful German actress fell in love with Geneva. In 1986, Nastassja Kinski arrived in the city of Calvin by chance. She was enraptured by the city at the tip of the lake and let it be known far and wide. When she was a member of the Cannes Film Festival jury in 1988, she called out to a group of journalists in the pit, Geneva, I love you, which would go down in print. Born in 1961 in Berlin, Nastassja Kinski lived in Rome until the age of six. After her p >>>

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