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Bowie, David (1947 - ) UK / Music star / VD

In 1982, the English pop star moved to upper Lausanne in Switzerland to find a haven of stability and fade into anonymity. He purchased an early twentieth-century residence called the Château du Signal, which was built by a Russian prince and is decorated with woodwork and ornate faience. The house was used in the filming of Claude Chabrol's film Merci pour le chocolat (Thank You for the Chocolate) in 2000.

The singer was born in 1947 in the Brixton district of London. He began playing the saxophone at 13, influenced by the jazz music of the time. After a series of underrated singles, he began his career with Space Oddity and became known throughout England. Ziggy Stardust became the leading rock and roll group of the seventies. During these years, David Bowie repeatedly wowed and scandalized public opinion with his eccentric antics, his bisexuality and his relationship with Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones.

But this singer is not limited to rock music - he shows exhibits of the artwork that he paints at his Lausanne residence. He has also set up his own e-business, Bowienet. Respect for the private sphere in Switzerland is what enables him to work in peace and quiet: I'm left in peace here. It's the only place in the world I gladly return to. The singer loves Switzerland as much as he loves skiing and the Alps are only a few minutes from the shores of Lake Geneva.

The Château du Signal, a residence of over 20 rooms with an estimated value of 6 million Swiss francs, was sold and the event was covered in the London papers. But the star refuted the fact during a concert in Zurich, and affirmed that he still lived in French-speaking Switzerland.

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