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TV5, June 24, 2001
Daniel Vaillant

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Geneva—a friendly city with more than just luxury, serenity, and discretion. This Swiss city is a peaceful haven where we have cultivated the secret of making your money grow faster. It should be added that the standard of living in Switzerland is among the highest in the world.

The air is fresh, the economic climate attractive, and the coins not always made out of chocolate. Mr. Micheloud understood this very well. For 10,000 Swiss francs, or about 40,000 French francs, he will look after your immigration paperwork, residency permit, as well as finding your housing and cars.

Journalist:  <<What are the requirements?>>
Mr. Micheloud:  <<The first thing is that you want to live in Switzerland permanently—in other words you want to live there full-time, for minimum 180 days per year. Next, you should be able to prove that you have an annual income of at least 400,000 French francs. And finally, you should be able to prove that you are an honest person with a good reputation.>>

We keep the identity of our prestigious and hardworking clients who do business behind these doors a closely guarded secret. But we can certainly take a quick look at a few celebrities who have been charmed by Switzerland. [Images of Tina Turner, Maurice Béjart, Yannick Noah, Patricia Kaas, Charles Aznavour]

For example, Charles Aznavour lives in the suburbs of Geneva, in the small village of Cologny. Some of the houses there cost 20,000,000 French francs. A high price, but peace and quiet comes with it too. Because in Geneva, Phil Coliins, Adjani or Delon can do their shopping unnoticed, just like everyone else.

SIDEWALK INTERVIEW: the journalist stops a few passersby on the streets of Geneva and asks them why they think that famous people decide to live in Geneva.
Passer-by 1:  <<We treat them like Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average. That’s what they like most of all.>>
Passery-by 2: <<We don’t make a big deal about star status.>>
Passer-by 3: <<It’s part of who we are—we don’t bother people who aren’t from around here.>>
Passer-by 4: <<It’s also our shyness and I think it’s also out of respect for others.>>
Passer-by 5: <<It’s very safe and secure, and, well, there are police all over the place, that’s why. That’s it. Good bye.>>

Stars, rich heirs and heiresses, captains of industry—approximately 50 of these well-to-do individuals quietly move to Geneva every year. Money has no smell, and in Geneva, it doesn’t make noise either.

TV5, the international Francophone channel, did this interview as part of a day of programming about Geneva, Switzerland. We were included in the report on celebrities who decided to live in Switzerland.

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