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Buying a vacation apartment in Switzerland: The areas

Gstaad and the Berner Oberland

Gstaad, Rougemont, Fribourg, Gruyere

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At the edge of the Alps, where French and German cultures meet, there is a beautiful region which is home to one of the world's most exclusive ski resorts: Gstaad. Easily accessible through its airport at Saanen or by the road, the region will still provide you with a totally Swiss experience with mountains and cowbells in every corner. Some will also appreciate the place for its gastronomy. After all, this is the home  of one of the world's most famous cheeses: Gruyère.  


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One of the most exclusive ski resorts in the world, where people like the Shah of Iran and the British royal family have had houses. Thanks to the Diablerets glacier, you can ski here throughout the year. Less crowded than St.-Moritz or Davos in the Grisons, Gstaad is the preferred place to be, but it is not for every budget.
Moléson sur Gruyères
At the foot of the Moleson, the most famous mountain in Fribourg, this resort is still small enough to be thoroughly enjoyable and the chalets there are good value. You can ski around the resort or hop from one mountain top to another and ski for hundreds of kilometers all over  the region. It is also a paradise for cheese aficionados. Fondues and raclettes, and other Swiss cheese dishes are available here at their best.


Your neighbors

Roger Moore
English actor, immortalized as the Saint and James Bond, often comes to his Gstaad chalet.

Vladimir Romanov
Heir of the Russian tsar, the Romanov prince lives in Rougemont, a village close to Gstaad in the Fribourg canton.

Jeanne Moreau
The French actress came to live full time in Gstaad in 1993, fleeing the pollution and high taxes of Paris.

Yannick Nohah
The French tennis player has lived for years in Villars.

Prince Charles
Can be seen with his sons skiing in the Gstaad area.

The Shah of Iran
Used to fly his jet into the nearby Saanen Airport and spend time in his Gstaad chalet.

Why don't you join the beautiful people of Gstaad?

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Transport and international connections


Saanen, the local airport, can be used to land private jets.

Geneva, about 1:40 by car from Gstaad. Has excellent direct connections to most European destinations and to all important intercontinental ones.


1:25 by airplane from Geneva


1:10 by airplane from Geneva


1:40 min. by car
Activities and resources
Walking and skiing are the main activities, but people-watching and gastronomy seem to be on some people's agenda. If you're ever bored, you can always make excursions to Lucerne, Geneva or Bern.
Vacation properties


Apartments and chalets are available. Chalets are the most desirable option, especially those located in the center of Gstaad.


SFR 250,000 for a simple apartment outside the center of the village.
SFR 2,000,000 for the cheapest luxury chalets in the center of the village, and climbing.


Many properties are still available but you should realize that owning a property in this area, especially in Gstaad, is like being a member of an exclusive club. They are expensive and hard to come by. Nonetheless, provided you can wait a little, you can comply with the few laws and come with the necessary cash, we can find you a little jewel in the center of Gstaad where your neighbors will be among the most famous people in the world.

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